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How to Climb Harder’s author runs many course through his other business Snowdonia Mountain Guides Courses. Where he offers everything from beginners courses in Trad Climbing right the way through to Performance Climbing Coaching. However he also offers a two day How to Climb Harder course that looks holistically at all aspects of climbing from the mental, physical, tactical and technical challenges we all face.

The course is run by Mark Reeves who has over twenty years experience as a rock climbing instructor and coach. He holds the nationally recognised Mountain Instructor Award and has a Master degree in applied sport science in which he studied Effective Coaching, Sports Psychology and Performance Physiology. He has onsighted climbs up to E6 and 7b and still climbs and trains regularly.  He used all this experience to write How to Climb Harder and now is using it to deliver a unique course that will find and address your weaknesses and help you climb harder.

How To Climb Harder

If you dream of pushing your grade and climbing harder then this course is a great place to start. On our How to Climb Harder course we use a holistic approach to improve your technique, tactics, confidence and mental approach to climbing, to deliver repeatable results to your climbing. There is even a How to Climb Harder book to go with the course.

This 2 day rock climbing course will make a real difference to how you climb. Making you more relaxed and efficient, with better technique, improved tactics and help re-energising your drive to get out there and enjoy yourself on the rock. With any luck you will also break into harder climbs.

The course involves movement coaching of rock climbing techniques on both boulder problems and rock climbs. We also cover the tactical approach to leading a rock climb, as well as the psychological skills that will help you improve how you feel lead climbing. What is great about this course is there is an accompanying textbook that you can use to carry on the improvements after the course has finished, to help you to remember and revisit the lessons we cover during the course.

How To Climb Harder Course

Day 1

Fundamental Technique Workshop


Balance, Body Position and Efficient Movement

Hand Holds

Gear Placement Workshop

Basic Tactical Climbing

Leading a route within Limit

Isolating individual mistakes

Personalised feedback

Steep Rock Workshop

Day 2

Mental Skills Workshop


Anxiety Management


Self talk


Training Workshop



Strength Endurance

Putting it altogether on difficult lead

Creating a plan for the future

Course review


Dates: 15th-16th April 2017

Cost: £250 – To Book visit Snowdonia Mountain Guides.

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