About the Author

About the Author

How to Climb Harder is written and produced by Mark Reeves, who has been working as a climbing coach for over twenty years. As an author mark bring a myriad of different skills to the table when it comes to his climbing and coaching knowledge.

This high level of knowledge is reflected in his roles beyond this website, where he has written a for Climber Magazine for over 5 years and currently authors the coaching column for the magazine where he uses his knowledge of the Technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects of climbing performance to help all climbers improve.

That knowledge has come from over 25 years of climbing to a high level (E5 – Trad, 7b – Sport & 7c – Boulders). Along with nationally recognised qualifications like the MIA (Mountain Instructor Award – which allow him to coach multi-pitched trad climbing). He also has a post-graduate Master’s Degree in Applied Sports Science with Effective Coaching, sports psychology and performance physiology.

Mark has taken his skills as a coach, instructor, guide and teacher across the world, working for an American company training mountain guides and climbing coaches in Chile, Argentina, Spain, Morocco and of course the UK. Back home he has worked with for the National Mountain centre as an associate instructor and even worked with the BMC and Mountain Training boards to help develop climbing coaching awards. Since 2006 Mark has also offered private rock climbing courses through his own small businesses Snowdonia Mountain Guides and Sunnier Climbs who specialise in Hot Rock Climbing Coaching Holidays in Spain.

With How to Climb Harder, Mark has bought all of this knowledge together in order to help you improve your climbing. In others words, we really do believe this website will do example what it says on the tin and tell you How to Climb Harder.