How To Climb Harder

Do you dream of pushing your grade and climbing harder then we offer a fabulous course for you. Our How to Climb Harder course uses a holistic approach to improve your technique, tactics, confidence and mental approach to climbing. We find this delivers repeatable and longterm results to your climbing. There is even a How … Read moreHow To Climb Harder

Placing Gear Efficiently

Effective placement of gear comes down three things, knowing your racking system, developing a good eye for placements as well as the appropriate size of relative protection, and using rests where possible to place gear whilst in balance. The first two are down to hands on experience with your rack and gear placements. You might … Read morePlacing Gear Efficiently

Single Versus Double Ropes

Many climbers choose to use double or half ropes when trad or multi pitched sport climbing. However the whole single versus double ropes is not necessarily that simple. Single Versus Double Ropes for climbing Single Ropes Approximate diameter 9mm to 11mm Easier to belay on one rope Easier to hold a fall so good for beginners … Read moreSingle Versus Double Ropes

Racking up for Trad Climbing

How to Climb Harder

Using your rack efficiently is down to dexterity, remaining calm and staying organised. Know what you are carrying, where it is and make sure that when you take something from you rack you return it to the same place. The consequence of a messy rack is wasted time and energy spent looking for the small … Read moreRacking up for Trad Climbing

Clipping Quickdraws

There are several correct ways to clip a karabiner as a running belay and many more incorrect ways. You may be surprised how many people get it wrong or fumble every time they go to clip a rope into what can only be described as the most common piece of climbing equipment. Clipping quickdraws then … Read moreClipping Quickdraws

Belaying a lead Climber

Your lead climbers life is literally in your hands. There is a big difference between belaying someone on a top rope and belaying a lead climber. When you start to belay a lead climber you need to have someone with experience close at hand, backing you up. A good belayer will pay constant attention to … Read moreBelaying a lead Climber

Gear Placements – General

Placing good runners and anchors is the foundation of the safe ropework. Poor placements will make your other efforts futile if the anchors are all going to fail. A placement will only be as good as the rock it’s in, loose rock and super cial akes will be poor placements. Follow the three S’s when … Read moreGear Placements – General