How To Climb Harder

Do you dream of pushing your grade and climbing harder then we offer a fabulous course for you. Our How to Climb Harder course uses a holistic approach to improve your technique, tactics, confidence and mental approach to climbing. We find this delivers repeatable and longterm results to your climbing. There is even a How … Read moreHow To Climb Harder

Warming Up Overview

Warming up will get the heart, lungs, muscles, joints and tendons ready for action. Whilst some people will do a full aerobics style warm-up, some will opt for easy bouldering or climbing. Some climbers will choose to do none. Although this might feel like you will be able to get more climbing in because you have … Read moreWarming Up Overview

Coordination: Mind to Body Warm Up

As you are warming ups, doing some pulse raising exercise you can add in some co-ordination exercises. These will focus your concentration on kinesthesia (your sense of movement), proprio- ception (sense of space) and balance. We can effectively turn on the part of the brain that we use for learning and acquiring new skills. In the long … Read moreCoordination: Mind to Body Warm Up

Stretching as part of Warming Up

Stretching is a very important part of any physical activity and should also be a part of warming. However remember warm up to then stretch, do not to stretch to warm up. As stretching requires you to have warmed up. As our muscular-skeletal system can be seen like a blob of silly putty, if you try … Read moreStretching as part of Warming Up

Warming Up

Whether you climb indoor or outdoors on routes or boulders you need to do some form of warming up. Failure to do so will often lead to poorer performance and/or injury.  We cover some of the basics of warming up for indoor and outdoor climbers. Warming up for the Indoor Climber At an indoor climbing … Read moreWarming Up