Rock Climbing Courses

How to Climb Harder’s author runs many rock climbing courses through his other business Snowdonia Mountain Guides Courses. Where he offers everything from beginners courses in Trad Climbing right the way through to Performance Climbing Coaching. However he also offers a two day How to Climb Harder course that looks holistically at all aspects of climbing … Read moreRock Climbing Courses

Advance Climbing Technique

It’s time to combine and develop your techniques – to work your way up between places of rest and conserve as much energy as possible on the way. This section includes further exercises on technique, with the idea to hone your skills and increase efficiency. There are also sections of the Tactic and Mental Approach to … Read moreAdvance Climbing Technique

Climbing Fundamentals

Whilst there are simply hundreds of thousands of individual climbing movements. There are a few climbing fundamentals both in terms of climbing and training that will help give you a strong foundation when it comes to developing your climbing skill. This section covers the most basic of those climbing fundamentals that will be key to … Read moreClimbing Fundamentals

Basic Safety in Rock Climbing

This may seem like teaching your grandmother to suck eggs, but taking time to increase our awareness of risk and safety is often overlooked. It’s common sense, when you look at a hazard (like being high off the ground) and the risk (of falling) you will consider ways to reduce the risk. Many of the … Read moreBasic Safety in Rock Climbing